‘It Sucks To Be A Girl In Nepal’: YouTuber Rants. Because ‘Chhori Manchhe Bhayera’ Bla Bla

“Recently what I discovered is, I really really love traveling. I really like being in between hills”, Rija Shrestha, a YouTuber, says in her latest video titled, “Brain is disturbed, can’t think about title”.

In the 9-minute-video, the 21-year-old talks about how much she desires to travel and trek but her parents won’t allow her to. “Being a girl in Nepal sucks, to be honest. I am so sorry. Please don’t get offended”, continues Shrestha. “I am a girl. I don’t know for what reason, if a girl stays outside her home for the night, why is it considered so bad in the society? I know there is like safety ko kura aaucha (safety concerns). I get it but I really like traveling.”

She says when she makes plans to go and travel with a girls-only group, her parents are concerned about her safety. And then when she wants to travel with her male friends, her parents would have problem with that as well. “My guy friends, they travel a lot. But in my case, I can’t. They are not studying ‘cos they have day-college. And I started working when I was 15”, the YouTuber says. “I think I should have that much freedom, to like, to do things that I really love.”

She further talks about how much she loves traveling, but hasn’t been able to go anywhere because she doesn’t really have anyone to go with — her elder sister is married. Her parents live a “simple life” and are busy. She doesn’t have many female friends and her parents won’t allow her to go with a group that also has male travelers.

At last, she conveys her idea that the girls who watch this video and can relate with what she is experiencing, they can come-up together and make a group, plan and manage budget and go out and travel to different places, whenever possible.

“I really want to travel”, she keeps on repeating her desire. Watch the video here. And if you have some ideas on your mind, or if you’re going through the same; may be you can connect with her and see what can be done.

We really hope nobody, at least, complains about this video saying, Chhori manchhe bhayera pani yesto bhanne ho… and blah blah.

We feel you, girl. We feel you!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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