Rohit Shakya Collabs With The Underdogs And The Outcome Is Dope

Earlier this year in April; electronic music producer and the frontman of rock act Zindabad, Rohit Shakya, started a music series and named it Evening Session. In last few months, he released a number of sessions as part of ‘Evening Session’ that had him playing electronic music.

Shakya has just dropped a new session and there’s some twist this time around as the 5-minute song titled ‘Wondergods’ doesn’t only have him with his Macbook and MPD but also features four rappers – Uniq Poet, Symfamous, Grizzle and Menace; who are part of the HipHop group The Underdogs.

It’s good to see the four rappers together doing their thing again, as there was a time this year when the group seemed to have headed south. And of course, the collaboration with one of the finest producers is another amazing thing.

Here it is.

The video filmed in Bhaktapur is shot by Barkha Bayomi Rai and Himal Thapa.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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