AXIX Release Music Video For ‘Saat Samundra Paari’

AXIX Band’s latest release is a music video for ‘Saat Samundra Paari’.

The hitmakers of songs like ‘Adhuro Prem’, ‘Timi Pheri Aauna’, ‘Hey Mori’, and ‘Maaf Gara’ are back. The band that released their latest studio album ‘Ghar Gaun’ in January this year; have just released a new music video from the album.

Titled ‘Saat Samundra Paari’, the song is written and composed by Kalyan Singh. As the title suggests, the emotional song talks about the feelings of being away from home – away from family and friends. The music video, that has been filmed in Australia, shows how it feels like when you’re thousands of miles away from home – from the point of view of various characters who are engaged in different kind of occupations. And no matter how happy they look like, or how excited they seem to be on social media – they are not.

Starring Sunod Shrestha, Saurav Manandhar, Biraz Khadka, Surabhi Manandhar and Prerana Thapa; the music video is shot by Saurav Manandhar, edited by Prabin Shrestha and Ujjwal Dhakal, and directed by Sunod Shrestha.

If you’re Saat Samundra away from home, you’ll surely relate to this one.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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