American Kids Try Nepali Food For The First Time, Their Reactions Are Adorable

This family runs a YouTube channel called GlobalLunchbox.

As the name suggests, the channel is all about food — food from all corners of the world. The couple encourages their three beautiful kids to try foods from other parts of the world while they learn about a new country every single time. Such a great way to teach children about the cuisines from around the world, right?

In a recent video, the kids are seen trying Nepali food for the first time. To be more particular, they try dal-bhat (with no tarkari or masu).


The dal, well, isn’t exactly cooked the way it is generally cooked in a Nepali kitchen.

The family got the recipe for dal-bhat from Andrew Olson’s food blog ‘One Ingredient‘. He seems to have visited Nepal and learned to cook dal in this way from some eatery he came across during his Everest Base Camp trekking. We’re just guessing this as Olson mentions the EBC trek in the blog post with this recipe. Anyway, the point is, this is not a ‘popular’ way to cook dal, and honestly, we have no idea how it might have tasted.

The good thing is, the kids (except the youngest one) seemed to like the taste, or at least, that’s what they said.

We wish some Nepali living around this family invited them to have Nepali food. No, not to tell them that they kind of ruined the dal; but simply to properly introduce them to Nepali food. We’re sure they would love to see how a Nepali thali actually looks and tastes like. The kids would love that as well.

Such a lovely family!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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