Somebody Made A Sisan Baniya Vlog Parody And It’s Brilliantly Hilarious

His presentation, edits, witty intros, music, drone shots, among others make Sisan Baniya everyone’s favorite Nepali vlogger. It would be a shame if someone uses all of these techniques and gets a guy who looks a lot like the man himself to make a parody of Baniya’s vlogs.

Wait, WTF???

That’s him. That’s him. That’s fuckin HIM!!!!

So, the creative and hilarious folks at Super Mandip TV came up with a parody, and it’s brilliant. Watch it first and then we’ll talk more about the details.

That was amusing, eh? These guys got a lot of details on point.

The edits (and Baniya’s sleeping style).

This drone shot of Baniya’s breakfast – Chiya and Bhaat – is fooking hilarious!!

And of course, the famous LGBT Pride-flag wall.

The folks parodied a lot of different moments from Baniya’s different vlogs.

The ‘sasto chasma lai mahango bhanchu’ moment.

Both of them meet a ‘random’ guy at the exact same spot.

Hmmm!! Very random!!

And both of them get rejected by the random person, obviously.

And the funniest part was the moment from Baniya’s original ‘Little Things’ video where he goes all the way to meet a child he had met months ago to give them their picture.


Out-and-out a very well thought and well made parody. Kudos, you guys!

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