Neetesh Jung Kunwar’s New Dashain Tihar Song: Watch Music Video

Paradygm TV, vlogger Sisan Baniya’s another YouTube venture, has released the first song from its channel. 

The music video for Neetesh Jung Kunwar’s new original single ‘Dashain Tihar’ stars a number of actors including Shristi Shrestha, Jyotsna Yogi and Saruk Tamrakar – who is making his debut with ‘Rani’ this year – along with Sudha Adhikari, Yojana Dhakal and Sisan Baniya himself. The 3-minute video captures almost all the emotions of the festive season. Baniya has picked an unused clip from ‘Bhai Tika’, a short film he did last year with CG Entertainment, very smartly for the Bhai Tika sequence in the music video. All the other sequences have been recently shot.

Written, composed and performed by Neetesh Jung Kunwar; the song succeeds in giving that much needed Dashain-Tihar vibe.



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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