Jay Author Drops Music Video For ‘On Time’ Starring Two Up-And-Coming Actresses

Jay Author has dropped the second music video off of his debut album ‘Summers Interlude’. The music video for ‘On Time’ has been released less than a month after the release of ‘Juice x Bacardi’ video.

The song, that also features The Redface and Don Dee on vocals, has been mixed and mastered by The Redface; while the music is co-produced by Jay Author and The Redface.

The UK based R&B singer always have had a good video for his songs so far – whether it’s ‘For You’ or ‘Juice x Bacardi’ – and he hasn’t let his fans down this time again, as the music video for this one, too, has turned out to be amazing. Directed by Zac Rai, the video features two up-and-coming actresses — Shilpa Maskey who is to debut opposite Aashirman DS Joshi in Hem Raj BC’s ‘Breakup’ and Miruna Magar who will be debuting opposite Saugat Malla in ‘Lalpurja’ — along with Jenny Sunuwar.

“The whole concept of this video was to show love and harmony between two different cultures and traditions. To prove that music can bring all kinds of people together and that it has no boundaries”, Jay Author says about the music video.

A good song with an equally good music video, here’s ‘On Time’.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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