Bishrambha’s Instrumental Cover Of ‘Asaar’ x ‘Malashree Dhun’ Is A Beautiful Dashain Treat

What sets you in the perfect Dashain mood? Is it shopping, or is it the beautiful autumn weather? Is it meeting the near and dear ones; or having the most delicious home-made meal?

No matter what your idea of the perfect Dashain vibe is, it definitely can’t be complete without the soothing Malashree Dhun playing somewhere in the background. Give me a high-five if you just said “YAAAAS!”

Well, here we have, a perfect instrumental cover of Bipul Chettri’s ‘Asaar’ with Malashree Dhun to get you in the festive mood. Performed by Bishrambha; the cover has been released by M&S VMAG’s Ruslan Cover Factory. With Subash Poudel on guitars, Rabin Shrestha on Tungna, Suraj Shrestha on flute, Sumit Shrestha on Dhime, Manish Shrestha on effects, Jeevan Shrestha on madal, and Anjan Shrestha on ting chu; the song is produced and engineered at Wayam Records.

This is one of the finest covers to come out of Ruslan Cover Factory. Enjoy!

Happy Dashain!!

Cover Photo: M&S VMAG

Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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