Urban Girl Has A Father’s Day Special Package For Every Budget: Shop Now!

Nepal celebrates Father’s Day – Buwako mukh herne din – on Monday (August 21st) next week. We’re pretty sure what your father expects from you is some love and he will be more than happy if you just wish him and tell him what he means to you. But in case you’re trying to think of ideas to surprise him and can’t actually figure out what to present him on the special day; Urban Girl has introduced some special Father’s Day packages that might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Urban Girl has come up with six different packages – priced between Rs. 1,850 to Rs. 12,500 – that you can choose from. Let’s take a look at what exactly they’ve got.

(Simply click on the picture to buy the particular package.)

First Combo: The first package – priced at Rs. 1850 – includes a cake, a printed cup and a t-shirt.

Second Combo: For Rs. 2900, you can buy him a package including a cake, fruits, perfume and a packet of Himalayan Digestive biscuits.

Combo 3: The third package has a cake, perfume, fruits, a wrist watch, a wallet, a printed cup and a t-shirt. It will cost you Rs. 6850.

Combo 4: A cake, perfume, a wallet, and a wrist watch complete the fourth package that costs Rs. 7500.

Combo 5: For Rs. 7500, you can get the fifth package that has a bottle of Johny Walker Red Label, a cake, perfume, and a wallet. Or, you can replace the Red Label with Black Label in the package, that will cost you Rs. 9000 in total.

Combo 6: The sixth package – for Rs. 11000 – will give you a bottle of Red Label, a cake, perfume and a wrist watch. Rs. 12500 will replace the bottle of Red Label with Black Label in the package.

Tada! Quite a lot of options you’ve got!

For further details, you can check them out on Facebook, or visit their website. You can call them at 9801097530 or 9801097532; or simply pay them a visit at Gorkha Complex, Minbhawan Main Road, Kathmandu.

Oh, and one more thing, you can place your order from anywhere in the globe, they deliver all over Nepal. Happy Shopping!

Happy Father’s Day!! Urban Girl released this cute ad for the special occasion. Watch.


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