The Money Task In This Week’s Episode Of Himalaya Roadies Was Nasty AF, To Say The Least!!

The second money task of the show took place on the ninth episode, that was aired on Himalaya TV this week.

Probably the most ‘delicious’ task the Roadies will have to face this season; this money task could give them Rs. 2 Lakh, if completed well. That too, just for eating — eating a thaali with six different dishes — not Dal, Bhaat, Tarkari, Maasu, Achar and Gundruk though.

Take a very good look at the stuff they had to eat. Please don’t blame us if any of this makes you hungry.

 1. Raw goat liver

2. Raw chicken heart

3. Goat’s eyes, raw of course

4. Raw brain of a goat

5. Snail


6. Live earthworms

Damn!! Anyone’s hungry??

So this is how their thaali looked like:


Each of the contestant had to finish their own plate, not leaving anything behind, and they could earn Rs. 20,000 each.

Quite surprisingly, some of them finished their plates like they were hungry since forever and their favorite food was in front of them.

And unsurprisingly, many of them couldn’t. But at least they tried…

Unlike Sonangkita, who didn’t even make an effort and chose not to try it.

But as usual, it was not that simple. All of them were divided into five groups, with two team-mates in each. And they would only earn the money (Rs. 20,000 + Rs. 20,000) if both of them complete the task. They wouldn’t get anything if only one of them finished their plate.

So, it was only this pair — Bishal  & Reshma — that completed the task properly, adding Rs. 40,000 to Roadies account.

With Rs. 1,30,000 from the first money task, and Rs. 40,000 from this one; they have now got Rs. 1,70,000 in their account.

There also was an interesting immunity task in the episode. Over all, it was a good episode. Watch it here.

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