Sadichha Shrestha To Receive Nepal Bidhya Bhusan Padak


  • Sadichha Shrestha is among the recipients of Nepal Bidhya Bhusan Padak.
  • She will receive the award from the president on National Education Day.
  • She had completed her MBA from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) with outstanding results in May this year.
  • She was awarded with The Wilhelm Hill Prize at AIT.

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The Ministry of Education has released the names of the recipients of Nepal Bidhya Bhusan Padak for this year; and Miss Nepal 2010 Sadichha Shrestha is among them.

The winners will be honored by President Bidhya Devi Bhandari on the occasion of 38th National Education Day on September 8th.

The awards are given to students receiving college and university degrees with outstanding results at home and abroad. 215 individuals will be receiving Nepal Bidhya Bhusan Padak ‘A’ — the most prestigious literary award presented from the government to individuals holding the Ph.D degrees — this year. 82 winners will receive Nepal Bidhya Bhusan Padak ‘B’ and 28 winners will be receiving Nepal Bidhya Bhusan Padak ‘C’, respectively. Another 27 winners will be honored with Nepal Chhatra Bidhya Padak this year.

Shrestha who will be receiving Nepal Bidhya Bhusan Padak ‘B’ had completed her 2-year MBA degree from Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand in May this year. For her excellent academic performance, she was awarded with The Wilhelm Hill Prize. She was pursuing her MBS degree from St. Xavier’s College in Kathmandu, from where she also finished her I.Sc. and BBA, before she left for Bangkok after getting into AIT. “It wasn’t easy to be away from home for two years, but I think it paid off”, she told NeoStuffs from Bangkok.

The 25-year-old will be returning to Nepal next week where she is planning to do ‘a lot of things’. On being asked what ‘things’ exactly include in ‘a lot of things’, “Well, I haven’t really figured out because for the longest time I was torn between working here in Bangkok or in Nepal”, she answered. “I do have some good job offers from here; and in Nepal as well. Now that I’ve decided to go to Nepal, I am looking forward to see what opportunities I am provided with.”

A lot of her fans want to see her on big screen, but looks like they will have to be disappointed as she has no plans to act in a film. “I never really have had a thing for acting”, she says. “I was actually offered my first film even before I was a Miss Nepal, when I was the cover girl for VOW Magazine, after being one of their Top 10 college women in 2010”.

It’s quite an interesting coincidence that she had received the VOW award from Bidhya Devi Bhandari when she was the Defense Minister. And after seven years, the two will meet again — this time as the President and the winner of Nepal Bidhya Bhusan Padak.

“I am stoked”, she answered on being asked how she feels about it. “I am very happy to be able to achieve this and fulfill my parents’ wish.”

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