Photographer Sanjog Rai Talks About Anmol KC’s Latest Photoshoot

For last few weeks, Anmol KC has been teasing his fans with his surprising new pictures that have him in a complete new avatar.

This is undoubtedly one of the best photoshoots of the ‘Gajalu’ star; and we couldn’t wait to know more about it. And who could be a better person to talk about the same, other than this guy.

That’s Sanjog Rai, the popular fashion photographer behind this photoshoot.

“This was a portfolio shoot for Anmol’s upcoming film ‘Kri’, that we did in April this year. We wanted to experiment and break his ‘lover guy’ image”, Rai told NeoStuffs.

“I wanted to show the different side of him – the intense and rugged Anmol KC”, he further said. Rai along with stylist Soniya Ale and MUA Shraddha Maskey came up with the look for KC.

A lot of other pictures from the shoot that took place at Chobhar and The Exhibit studio in Kupandol are yet to be released which the actor himself will be revealing from his social media handles. On being asked if we can publish the unseen photographs in this article, “Noooooooo! Nobody other than Anmol himself is supposed to release those pictures”, Rai answered.

It was Sanjog Rai who had shot Anmol KC’s first ever portfolio as well. “It is always good working with him. He always listens to my critique very carefully and tries very hard to work on it. He has actually improved a lot since his first photoshoot”, Rai said. “Despite being one of the biggest stars in the industry, he is always very humble. He is a very simple guy, and that’s the best thing I like about him.”

The release date of one of the most anticipated films of the year, Kri, that was supposed to be released in Tihar this year; has been postponed because of the unfavorable weather in Manang that has delayed the shooting of the film. The film jointly produced by Bhuwan KC and Subash Giri is directed by Surendra Poudel. Apart from Anmol KC, the film also stars Aditi Budhathoki and Anoop Bikram Shahi in lead roles.

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