Explained: Here’s How The Prize Money For Himalaya Roadies Winner Is Determined

The long awaited journey in the Himalaya Roadies finally started on the seventh episode that was aired on Himalaya TV on Monday.

In the latest episode of the reality TV show, the thirteen Roadies were seen taking on a journey to Jomsom where they performed their first ever money task.

Wait, what exactly is a money task?

Well, these very ‘money tasks’ will determine the amount of prize money the winner of the show will be walking away with, along with a Bajaj Avenger motorbike.

Here’s how it works.

For the first money task, the thirteen Roadies needed to be divided into four groups. Each of these groups could earn up to Rs. 50,000 each – meaning a total of Rs. 200,000 could be earned from this task, based on their performance.

The four groups had to perform the task where they had to collect five flags (each of which would earn them Rs. 10,000) while they had to make it to the finish line of the track within 3 minutes.

The Roadies were able to earn Rs. 130,000 in total – which is Rs. 70,000 less than the maximum amount they could have earned.

It was already announced during the show’s announcement press meet in January this year that the winner will be winning a cash prize of up to Rs. 2 million. Which means, if the Roadies are able to earn the 100% of the amount in every single money task, they will have a total of Rs. 2 million in the account by the end of the show. But as they earned only Rs. 130,000 out of Rs. 200,000 from the first money task; the maximum amount they can earn now is Rs. 19 lakh 30 thousand; and not 20 lakh even if they earn 100% amount from all the other remaining money tasks. You see, they didn’t only win Rs. 130,000 from the money task, but also lost Rs. 70,000.

There will be more of such money tasks as we will see the Roadies journey move ahead, and it will always be extremely difficult for the participants to earn 100% of the amount. The sum of the amounts they will collect from these money tasks will end up being the prize money of the show – the amount the winner will be walking away with.

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