In Conversation With Hype, ‘Trap Nepal’ Founder & Producer

Earlier this year on March 9th, Trap Nepal (TN) released its first ever song, titled ‘Goldstar Jutta’ by Mana Shrestha. Cut to now, the label’s YouTube channel has around 400k hits on the twenty  songs that have been released so far, in collaboration with various artists. We talked to Suraj Thapaliya aka Hype, the Founder and Producer at Trap Nepal, to know more about the label, trap music, and Hip Hop scene in Nepal. Excerpts.

1. What is trap?
Trap is the genre of music which connects Hip-Hop with EDM. Some people think that trap music is all about how to ruin your life being on drugs, but its not necessary for you to mess up your life to be trapping.

2. What’s the trap scene in Nepal like?
The trap scene in Nepal is constantly evolving. Trap music itself is like a drug. The more you listen to it, the more you get into it, the more you want it.

3. Who are some of the popular artists who are into trap music?
There are a lot of trap artists like Drake, Future, and Quavo among others who have been a big hit. But since trap has gone EDM now, artists like Diplo and Skrillex can be counted as popular trap artists as well.

4. What’s the story behind Trap Nepal? How did it come into existence?
I have been enjoying, creating & listening to electronic music from a long time. I always wanted to do something locally to inspire people around me. That’s why I needed to start branding my music to reach more people and in my case, TN did it for me.

5. Who are the team members and their roles at TN?

We currently have 3 members working everyday for TN –  me as the Founder and the main producer, Ms. Karmanita as the CEO & Marketing Administrator and Mr. Spark as the brand manager and on creative art department.

6. How has the TN journey been so far?
Since the day we started TN, we have been receiving mad love from the audience. We knew people will embrace trap music here in Nepal but the love and support we’ve been receiving since the beginning is unbelievable. The journey has just begun tho, there is a lot more coming in near future.

7. How many artists have you collaborated with for TN so far?
We have collaborate with about 25 artists so far. Some have been released and others’ projects will drop soon.

8. What’s the most important thing that you’ve learned after starting this journey?
I learned that I have the patience, the strength and the passion to achieve the ambition, goals and my dreams. All I needed to do was to try and I am doing it.

9. A quick rapid fire round about TN songs and artists – you have to be quick and honest. Diplomatic answers are not allowed:

i. Your favorite TN song so far.

Malai Jastai

ii. Your favorite TN beat so far.


iii. Your favorite artist that you’ve collaborated with so far?

Uniq Poet

iv. The most hardworking artist 

Kavi G

v. The laziest of them.


vi. The most under-rated of them.


vii. One track you had hope would do better


10. What’s next for TN? What’s lined up?

We have so many plans for our future which includes improving our record label as a music brand and supporting the artists who we work with. We also provide a platform for those who are raw, talented and deserving. We soon will start focusing on other electronic genre of music than Hip-Hop. Within an year or so we are also planning to start hosting Trap events with the hope to reach the bigger mass.

We have Trix, Uniq, myself and many others lined up for our next projects.

11. Who are some of the Nepali artists you would like to work with?
I would love to work with Kutumba. I would like to reproduce those traditional Ethno-music tunes in EDM styles. That’s because it reflects my origin and it’ll be something really creative and challenging.

12. If you had a chance to collab with one international artist, who would it be and why?
I don’t have anyone specific but it would definitely be someone driven with originality and passion for music.

13. Do you think there  any legendary Nepali hip hop artists? If yes, who are they?
Yes, Mc Flo. I think he has been able to change people’s life through his music.

14. Who has been your biggest inspiration in this field?
I get inspired by almost everything — the people I meet, the food I eat, just everything.

15. If you have to take just one name; who do you think is the most talented new Nepali rap artist and what makes them so talented?
I think Kavi G has the potential. His lyrical content, voice and delivery move in coherence.

16. Which term do you like better – Nephop or Nepali Hip-Hop? Why?
I honestly like Nepali Hip-Hop because I feel like I’m 13 when I call it “Nephop” and I hate my teenage.

17. What’s the best thing about Nepali hip hop scene?
The best thing about Nepali Hip-Hop scene is the listeners really support their favorite artist. I have personally come across a lot of people appreciating my work which motivates me to keep creating.

18. If you could change one thing about the scene, what would it be?
If I could change one thing about the scene, I would like to create a world where a good artist could make his living out of the music he makes.

19. Who is your favorite Nepali beat producer?
Spark has recently been my favorite beat producer; of course apart from myself. *laughs*

20. If you had to stick with just one of them — rapping or producing — what would you choose? Why?
I would definitely choose producing because it leaves me more room to express myself. While producing, I feel like I’m complete, I feel like it’s the best method to translate the images in my head to speakers.

21. Which is your favorite hip hop album or EP by a Nepali artist in 2017 so far?
So far I think Yodda’s Nakaab is my favorite album in 2017 by a Nepali artist.

22. Is there anything you would like to say to your or TN’s fans and well wishers?
I’d like to say thank you all for being there to listen what we create. Thank you for all the support and love.

23. Is there anything you would like to tell about yourself, your team or TN that we might have missed to ask?
Well, I think you didn’t miss any. Thank you Neeraj, for having me here.

Thank you!

You can connect with Trap Nepal on their Facebook handle and YouTube channel.


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