The 3 Best Game Of Thrones Theme Song Covers By Nepali Artists

The iconic theme song composed by Ramin Djawadi perfectly sets you in the right mood and gets you all hyped before every single episode of Game of Thrones.

A lot of fans and even professional musicians have covered the theme song so far that have garnered millions of views on YouTube. And of course, there are quite a number of versions by Nepali artists as well; and we shall talk about the best three of them here.

Guitar Cover by Sabin Chakradhar

The USA based Nepali guitarist Sabin Chakradhar plays an awesome cover of the theme on his guitar.

Fusion Cover by Jatayu Records

The creative folks at Jatayu Records who have given us some awesome covers of ‘Shape of You’ and ‘Let Me Love You’ play a rendition of the Game of Thrones theme. With Nhuche on dhime and madal, Hemanta on violins, Naresh on Sitar, and Amrit on bass drum; this cover has turned out to be magical.

Sitar and Tabla Cover by Jam Key Jam

Bijay Lal Shrestha (on sitar) and Nabin Shrestha (on tabla), who make a duo called ‘Jam Key Jam’, play a soulful cover of the theme song. Both of them are professional musicians and are currently based in the USA.

So, which one of these three renditions do you like the best? Comment below.

Cover Photo: HBO

Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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