How Tall Is ‘Gangster Blues’ Debutant Aashirman DS Joshi?

The theatrical trailer for Gangster Blues was dropped last week on YouTube. The trailer promises an action packed gangster film with a touch of romance. Gory action scenes, the romantic OST ‘Aadha Kura’, some swear words, and the debutant actor’s height are some of the most noticeable things in the 3 minutes and 18 seconds long trailer.

Seriously, just look at Aashirman DS Joshi’s height, as compared to other actors.


That’s ‘Saayad’ actor Samyam Puri with Aashirman.


We kept on wondering so much about his height, we had to know how tall this guy really is; and so we asked him. And the answer was:

“I am 6 feet 3 and a half inches.”

Dang! That’s tall, that’s really tall!! The model-turned-actor is taller than his elder brother Aayushman who had debuted with ‘Chapali Height 2’ last year.

And most probably, Aashirman is the tallest Nepali actor at the moment; correct us if we’re wrong.

‘Gangster Blues’ is written and directed by Hemraj BC who had also directed Hostel, Jerryy, Sambodhan and Gajalu. Apart from Aashirman, the film stars ‘Jerryy’ actress Anna Sharma, Samyam Puri, Rojisha Shahi, Pramod Agrahari, Ram Babu Gurung and Anupam Sharma. Jointly produced by Saroj Neupane and Hemraj BC, the film is slated for its release on August 18th.

Watch the trailer here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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