Nepalese Among The ‘Coolest Nationalities’ In The World

So, CNN just released a list of the world’s coolest nationalities and guess who made it to the list, yes, Nepalese!!!

CNN complied the list of the world’s 14 coolest nationalities and Brazilians topped the list, followed by Singaporeans, Jamaicans, Mongolians and Americans, respectively. The list that is complied “to help sort the cool from the less fortunate” also has Nepalese who are on the 12th spot, ahead of Belgians and Turks.

“Like all pimps and players, you’ve never seen a Nepalese in a hurry to get anywhere. Yet from this mellow-gold group have also come the feared Nepalese Gurkhas, among the toughest fighting men in the world, and Sherpas, who you might know as semi-outdoorsy types”, CNN writes.

Tenzing Norgay, who “reached summit of Mt. Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary, but casually stepped aside and let his hiking buddy hog all the credit” is called the ‘Icon of cool’.

But they don’t really have everything good to say about Nepalese and call “draconian government regs and local ne’er-do-wells that turn off a fair amount of travelers” the reasons that make Nepal ‘not so cool’.

Koreans, Spanish, Japanese, Botswana, Chinese and Australians, too, are part of the list and are ranked from 6th to 11th, respectively.

Cover Photo: CNN



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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