Himalaya Roadies, Butwal Auditions: A ‘Kickass’ Episode… For Laure. Poor Guy!

The second episode of Himalaya Roadies that aired on Himalaya TV on Monday has also been officially released online. 

The episode consisting of the Butwal auditions saw a number of participants trying their best to get through the group discussion round to face the judges — Deeya Maskey, Laure and Raymon Das Shrestha  — in the personal interview round. People from quite a lot of different backgrounds showed up in Butwal auditions. There was an aspiring singer who seemed to have mistaken Himalaya Roadies for Nepal Idol (just kidding, of course) and kept on singing a lot of songs when asked to entertain the judges and surprisingly, he was actually good. There was a Bhajan singer as well; along with a model, an engineering student, a taekwondo enthusiast and quite a lot of other participants. 

Over all, it turned out to be an interesting episode. In fact, we liked this one better than the first episode. Watch it here.

Watch the behind the scenes episode as well. It’s always fun to see what happens during the making of an episode. Enjoy!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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