Former Gurkha Soldier Releases A Spooky Vlog-Style Horror Short Film

We all love horror films, don’t we? Sound effects, background score and cinematography are some of the important factors that help make a horror film scary; because it’s not the ghost that scares us the most. Really though, we’ve seen so many horror films that we pretty much know how all the ghosts look like and so their appearance hardly scare us anymore. But what if a horror film is shot as a selfie-video and hardly has any sound effects and score — can it be scary?

London based Nepali filmmaker and vlogger, Veemsen Lama, recently released a vlog-style horror short film. Quite obviously, it features himself and is shot, edited and directed by himself as well. The film also has Shilpa Maskey and Ganesh Khadka. And quite surprisingly, the 23-minute film has turned out to be pretty interesting and scary.

Lama, a former Gurkha soldier, who went to a film school in London has so far directed an award winning short film ‘Maya’, and ‘Chyanti’ is his latest short film.

Watch the horror short film here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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