‘Nepal Idol’ Top 11 Result: Was It Kengal, Nishan, Sandhya Or Menuka Eliminated On Friday?

The top 10 finalists of AP1’s ‘Nepal Idol’ were revealed on Friday, and one participant had to go home after the elimination round that was based on the viewers’ votes. 

Out of the four contestants — Sandhya Joshi, Nishan Bhattarai, Kengal Mehar Shrestha and Menuka Poudel — who were in the danger zone had to leave the Nepal Idol platform for getting the least number of votes; and it turned out to be Menuka.

The 18-year-old contestant from Birtamod, Jhapa had been doing good on the show and had been receiving good remarks from the three judges; but looks like the viewers had something else on their mind.

Poudel sang some lines of ‘Timro Jasto Maya’ for the very last time on the Nepal Idol stage before bidding goodbye.

The Top 10 Contestants are: Buddha Lama, Kengal Mehar Shrestha, Nishan Bhattarai, Pramila Rai, Pratap Das, Sagar Ale, Sandhya Joshi, Sujata Pandey, Suraj Thapa and Ulson Shrestha.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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