12 Things That Make Sisan Baniya Stand Out From All The Other Vloggers

Vlogging might look simple to some people, but it’s not. Why would other people be interested in watching the videos of how you spent your day? And that’s the most challenging part. You need to create videos that would be so engaging that other people don’t get bored watching them. And that’s what vlogging is about.

Nepal has lots of vloggers; and the number is even more when the Nepalese vloggers living abroad, too, are added to the list.. All of them have their own styles, and they show us different things; and they have their own audiences. Trying to rank them based on their contents would be almost impossible and unfair; but still, if we really needed to choose one vlogger who has constantly been outstanding and has been releasing exciting video blogs, it will have to be this guy.

Yep, that’s right. That’s Sisan ‘Amazing’ Baniya!

So, what are the qualities that make Baniya stand out from the crowd of dozens of vloggers? Let’s find out.

He has a terrific sense of humor.

He might be talking about an extremely serious topic, but he always makes sure that he doesn’t come out as boring. He keeps his talks interesting no matter what he is talking about.

Kind and sweet

Remember the vlog that had him go all the way to a place that he didn’t even know the name of, and referred as “half an hour ride from Bouddha”, to meet a cute little girl he had met months ago to give the pictures of her that he had taken? Awww, that was sweet, right?

And he also collects clothes from people that they might not need but would mean a lot for the other needy people.

Good storyteller

It’s not that he always has new places to take us to and things to talk about. We’ve already been to some places he shows, or might have even seen in videos by other YouTubers; but it’s the way how he keeps his stories so entertaining that makes us excited about his videos.


No wonder his camera work is always on point, he is a professional cinematographer who has worked on various films. He worked as DOP in a recently released film called ‘Aadha Love’ starring Arpan Thapa and Reecha Sharma. He has also shot, and even directed a lot of short films for CG Entertainment.

Knows his gears

He owns a lot of gears and knows how to operate them well; again because professional. It’s always a plus point for a vlogger to have good gears because the good video quality definitely attracts the viewers.

Insane aerial shots

This is something that other Nepali vloggers are hardly seen showing us — amazing aerial shots. He uses drones to take insane shots of beautiful places that take our breath away.

Interesting edits

Sisan is one helluva editor, a quality that many other vloggers lack. His interesting edits make his stories even more entertaining and beautiful.

Music and sound effects

Good and suitable music can make a video way more pleasant; and Sisan knows that very well and that’s why he is choosy about the music on his videos. He just don’t pick any music, and collaborates with music producers if needed. And as a result, score and sound effects on his videos are always very good.

He’s genuine

It can be quite easy for a vlogger to make their viewers believe in what kind of life do they live. You can just show what you want them to see and make them believe what kind of person you are. But, Sisan presents himself the way he is in real. He is very honest and straightforward; and doesn’t want his viewers to believe in things that he is not.

Witty rapper, when needed

Sisan can turn rapper, if needed. And when he becomes one, he is witty, like always. Earlier this year, he actually released a rap song called ‘Chhattis Nation’ and talked ‘openly’ about things that one ‘should not’ be talking about in Nepal; like sex, masturbation, porn, periods and pre-marital sex. Ram Ram Ram Ram!!

Travels a lot!

The best thing about Sisan Baniya that we love is his love for traveling. He travels across Nepal, and takes us on the journey. While many of the other vloggers are limited to one city, this guy is just everywhere; and that’s awesome.

And at last, but not least…..

He’s got a cute smile, eh?

Welcome to your tape, Sisan Baniya.

Well, that’s Sisan Baniya. You can connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube; if you’re not connected already.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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