Turns Out, ‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadot Was In Nepal To Shoot For A TV Series

If there’s one actress that the world is talking about at the moment, it’s Gal Gadot. The 32-year-old Israeli actress has vowed the audiences across the world with her title role in DC Comics’ latest release, Wonder Woman. The film directed by Patty Jenkins is not only the most successful female-led superhero film but it also is moving towards becoming one of the most successful superhero flicks ever made. According to Forbes, the film has already earned $435.2m worldwide in less than two weeks of its release.

In the wake of the popularity of the film, some pictures of Gal Gadot during her Nepal visit in 2011 had recently surfaced on the internet, but the purpose of her visit couldn’t be very clear. And finally, looks like the mystery has been solved.

It turns out that the Miss Israel 2004 had come to Nepal to shoot for an Israeli TV series titled ‘Kathmandu’. The 13-episode series that also had Michael Moshonov and Nizan Levartovsky playing the lead was aired in 2012.

Nepali actor Eelum Dixit, who too was a part of the show, recently watched ‘Wonder Woman’ and couldn’t stop wondering where he had seen Gadot before. It was after quite some time when he realized that he had actually worked with her few years back. The ‘Highway’ actor took to his Facebook handle and wrote, “Whoa!!! Guyz. Watched Wonder Woman last night. Came out of the theater. Went to bed later but couldn’t shake off the feeling that I’d seen her somewhere before. Got up suddenly realizing where: I was lucky enough to act alongside  Gal Gadot before she became Gal Gadot. Mind Blown.”

“So happy for the humble Israeli actress I was fortunate enough to work with all those years ago!”, he added.

Watch the trailer of ‘Kathmandu’ here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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