Seema Subedi Among Top Google Searches In Nepal

Seema Subedi is everywhere — she is all over your Facebook newsfeed, Twitter, YouTube and all the other social platforms. You definitely must be living under a rock if you happen to not know her.

The controversy began earlier this week when Seema Subedi live-streamed herself on Facebook and talked about her opinions about the Gorkhaland movement, Nepali speaking people in India and ‘unfortunately’, she also said what she thinks about the Nepalese people in general; and well, she didn’t have anything good to say about the people in Nepal. She kept on repeating that Indian Gorkhas (Nepali speaking Indian citizens) and Nepalese are completely different; and how proud she is to be an Indian. Nothing wrong with that, that’s the truth. The statement that actually triggered Nepalis was when she said that Nepalis go to India to do the dishes. And as they say, the rest is history. She is arguablly one of the most hated persons in Nepal at the moment.

As soon as her live video ended and it was saved on her Facebook handle; dozens of Nepali Facebook pages, YouTube channels and online portals picked the story and talked about how she insulted Nepal and its people. 

Cut to now, she is currently one of the most searched people on Google in Nepal (for all the wrong reasons). Take a look at some of these Google Trends data.

Until now, she was hardly googled in Nepal. But as soon as her video became viral, people have been searching for her on the internet.

Google Trends

From the above data, it’s clear that the people who are most ‘concerned’ about Seema are from Western Region (Gandaki, Lumbini and Dhawalagiri); followed by people from Central Region (Janakpur, Bagmati and Narayani). While the people from Eastern Region (Mechi, Koshi, Sagarmatha) too are searching for her on the internet; people in Mid-Western (Rapti, Bheri and Karnali) and Far-Western (Seti, Mahakali) regions seem to have absolutely no interest at all.

That’s not it. People have been searching for Seema with various other search terms like ‘Seema Subedi wikipedia’, ‘Seema Subedi video’ and ‘Seema Subedi wiki’ as well. Here’s the data.

Apart from these terms, people have been also searching for ‘Sima Subedi’.

However; as soon as Seema realized the magnitude of her ‘mistake’ and came to know how furious people are, she was live on Facebook again, on Sunday, to apologize. And this time she spoke in Nepali, unlike the first time when she spoke in Hindi. But looks like people are not in a mood to forgive her as she is still being criticized for her statements about Nepalis. Well, internet never forgets.

Who is Seema Subedi anyway?

Currently based in Mumbai, Seema Subedi Shrestha is originally from Suagpur in Assam. She had won the pageant title of Mrs. India 2016 in Chennai in May. Later that year, she represented India at Mrs. Asia International 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where she won the main title.

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