Some Random Suggestions, Simply Because It’s Easier To Give Advice Than To Take It

We are nobody to tell anyone what they need to do with their life or their art. But you know what, we’re still going to leave these random suggestions here, just in case, you know. Yeah!

YouTube Cover Artists

There’s actually nothing wrong with performing other artists’ songs. In fact, it’s a great way to groom yourself. But the thing is, as an artist, your priority should always be making your original songs. You might sing someone else’s song even better than the original, but at the end of the day, that’s not your song and nobody is going to remember you for performing it. Your original songs are your identity and they will make you immortal. That’s what art does — it makes you live even after you leave. So spend some more time working on originals.


There’s this new trend and so many of our artists have now suddenly become vloggers. We can understand; making a song takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of money and effort as well. And then, if you’re willing to making a music video for it — that simply means, more money, more time, and more effort. Then there’s this vlog thing, which is comparatively easier to make. You know, like, you can just shoot whatever you’re doing or wherever you’re going and stuff; and edit it later and simply upload it. Tada! And sometimes, these vlogs even get more views than your songs. It’s a win-win situation for everyone — you have new videos more regularly and your fans and listeners get to know you well and stay connected with you. And that’s great, that’s really great.

But please, never forget that you’re an artist and we love you for your songs; and we expect you to come up with more music. We don’t want you to get so much into vlogging that you forget (or don’t care) about making music anymore, please.

Internet Trolls

Well, what do we say to you. Keep doing your thing, but don’t go so low making fun of someone that it affects their personal life. You have every right to say anything about someone’s professional life but not their personal life. Let them live the way they want to.

Nepali Film-makers

“Support Nepali Cinema!” Why? Like why exactly we need to support, and how? By buying the tickets? And why do we need to go see the film if it doesn’t interest us? Simply put, make something worth watching and people will definitely ‘support you’ and watch your film in theaters. Make the same old cliched films that we have seen at least like hundred times, don’t even talk about ‘Supporting Nepali Cinema’. It’s a commercial industry, not a charity. Make something good, we’ve got your back. Make shit, get lost. Simple!


Please read scripts. Don’t just take every single film that is offered to you. We know it’s hard for Nepali actors to survive, financially, if you only do a couple of films every year; but it’s really not cool when your new film is released every third week, that too, quality-less.  Quality over quantity, please.

Nepali Rappers

We really don’t need to explain what the rap scene in Nepal is like — lots of rappers, no co-ordination or support for each other, and extremely limited audience. Try and support each other in every possible way instead of trying to drag them down. Let the genre grow, you can’t do it alone, you simply can’t take the genre to a whole new level –you all have to do it together. Peace!

Nepal Idol Team

You people are doing great. Thank you for bringing the franchise to Nepal, but please, be more professional. Have a fixed plan and schedule for everything; and don’t just come up with some spontaneous decisions. First of all, the show was aired a week later than its scheduled date because the PM was not in the country to do the opening ceremony or something. Then, there was a week when the show didn’t air at all because the episode was not ready. And last week, when the episode was finally aired, it didn’t start on time because of some ‘technical issue’. Come on, people love this show but that doesn’t mean that we’re not noticing the mistakes. Please, be more responsible and professional.

NeoStuffs (Ourselves)

Who the fuck are you to judge other people and tell them what they should do?? Dherai janne na bhai ra aafno kaam gar.

Yeah, that’s it.

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