Anjali Lama Gets Candid About Life, Love, Sex, Career & Struggles In This Documentary: Watch

Anjali Lama’s documentary has been finally released online. Originally titled ‘Anjali: Living Inside Someone Else’s Skin’, the film that was premiered on September 18th in 2014 at Kumari Cinema in Katmandu; has now been released on YouTube with the title ‘Anjali’. The 35-minute film that has been released has the model, now 32, talking about her childhood, education, struggles of being different from others, and the moments that changed her life after she came to Kathmandu.

Born a boy in Nuwakot and named Nabin Waiba, Anjali also gets candid about her first sexual experience, her affair with a married man, and the experience of getting breast implants in Thailand. Shot by Ramesh Dhamala, the film directed by Mohan Rai is edited by Arun Sharma and Anjay Khadka. Prabin Bareily has composed the background score of the film; and Subani Mokta has sung the original soundtrack composed by Bhupendra Khadka.

A lot of things have happened in these three years, after the film was first screened — Anjali became the first transgender model to walk the runway of prestigious Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai this year. She also appeared on a Levi’s ad; and has been doing a lot of modelling projects in Mumbai lately.

Watch the film here. It will definitely inspire you and remind you why you need to believe in yourself even when everyone else is against you.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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