15+ Times Nepali Film Posters Needed Some “Inspiration”

Earlier this week, the first look of much anticipated upcoming film Kri was released through two posters. The character posters that had Anmol KC impressed us so much that we even wrote about how good they are; only to find out later that one poster was “inspired”.

Take a look at this one.

Now, see this poster of 2009 Japanese action film ‘Crows Zero 2’.

Don’t they look too similar to be a conincidence? Take a good look again.

Almost every single time we are impressed by a poster, it turns out to be a stolen idea. Here are some other Nepali film posters that were “heavily inspired” by some foreign film posters.

Our filmmakers seriously need to realize the importance of the film posters. It’s extremely easy these days to find out about the stolen designs and ideas. A poster is the first impreasion of a film and as soon as we find out the original poster that it was “inspired” from; we automatically tend to think, “Jaavo poster ta copy gare raicha, film kaha original hola ra.”

Chetna Bhaya!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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