New Releases: Bipul Chettri, Subani Moktan And Aizen Drop Music Videos

Bipul Chettri released his second official music video this week. The new single titled ‘Basant’ that also features The Travelling Band has Bipul Chettri on vocals and guitars, Pranai Gurung on guitars, Rahul Rai on bass, Achint Khare on keys and Aman Singh Rathore on drums. Written and composed by Chettri himself, the song recorded and mixed by Miti Adhikari has been mastered by Donal Whelan in the UK. The music video shot by Vibhushan Subba and Sanjeev Monga is directed by Vikram Mishra and edited by Sanjeev.

The song is well written, well composed and beautifully performed. Watch the music video here.

Subani Moktan released the music video for her new English single titled ‘Inside’ last week. The music video produced by Jazz Productions has taken the song to a whole new level. It features dancer Kripa Bajracharya and has been filmed in some beautiful and quite ‘mysterious’ locations. Conceptualized, directed and edited by Prajwal Bhattarai; the video is shot by Aneel Neupane.

It’s a good song with an intriguing music video. Watch it here.

The UK based artist, Aizen, too dropped a new music video this week. The song is a mashup of Nima Rumba’s ‘Aau Aau Na’ and Naren Limbu’s ‘Suna’; remixed with Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’. The beat produced by Jay Author is pretty cool. The song is mixed and mastered by Roop Patel from Redface. The music video starring Sareen Garbuja and Aizen is shot, directed and edited by Zac Rai.

It’s a catchy song. Here.

So, which one of these did you like the best? Comment below.


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