Listen: Kutumba’s Magical New Song ‘Sannani’

It feels happy and emotional exactly at the same time when we listen to Kutumba’s music. We can’t even describe in words how beautiful their music is. We’re just proud that we have a folk instrumental band in Nepal that is brilliant. The band has just collaborated with Channel Arbitrary and released a new song titled ‘Sannani’. It has Pavit Maharjan on dhime, dhamaha and madal; Rubin Kumar Shrestha on bamboo flute, Raju Maharjan on khin nayao, khin madal, kocha khin damaru and murchung; Arun Manandhar on tungna and arbajo; Siddhartha Maharjan on gungru, jyali jyamta track tinchu; and Kiran Nepali on sarangi.

The video shot by Suzan Maharjan, Javed Khan and Anup Sapkota is directed and edited by Anup Sapkota. It’s an extremely beautiful, beautiful piece. Listen to it here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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