Here’s How ‘Nepali Tara’ Pratap Lama’s Nepal Idol Audition Went Down

Pratam Lama had bagged the title of ‘Nepali Tara’ in its third season. He had won a cash prize of Rs. 250,000 along with a Bajaj Discover motorcycle when he won the competition in 2015. Fast forward to now, he is competing in Nepal Idol.
Even though a teaser of his audition had already been released and the audience knew that he will be a contestant in Nepal Idol; it’s still quite surprising that the 29-year-old singer from Khotang who already is quite an established artist and has not only been performing at various events across the country but also abroad decided to take part in the show. The reason is of course Nepal Idol being a bigger platform with some mega prizes for the winner.

Anyway; after the small break due to the local elections, AP1 TV finally aired the seventh episode of Nepal Idol on Thursday. The episode consisted of the auditions from Kathmandu, and one of the contestants who got auditioned was Pratap Lama. Well, his audition didn’t exactly go as ‘smoothly’ as we had expected it to be. Here’s what happened.

As Pratap is quite a well known singer already, there were some of his fans at the audition venue who grabbed the opportunity to take some pictures with him.

But as we had expected that the judges might know who he is because after all they are from the same industry; to our surprise, they actually didn’t know him and asked him his name.

There was another reason why we thought the judges, and more particularly Indira Joshi, would know him as she too was a contestant of Nepali Tara in its first season. They were part of the show in different seasons, but still, part of the same show.

Moving ahead, he sang Gopal Yonjan’s ‘Desh Le Ragat Maage’ and changed a part of the lyrics.

And guess what, judges were not impressed.

He was asked to sing another song; and he sang Bhaktaraj Acharya’s ‘Maya Meri Saanjh Bani’. Well, the judges still were not very sure; and asked if he can sing a sad song.

It was now time for the judgement; and with some advice to work harder and be more versatile with the songs, he was selected for the next round.

Honestly, we had expected his audition to go something like this: “Oh. Hey Pratap, welcome.” “Come on, go ahead. Sing.” *sings* “That was very good. You have earned yourself the pass to the next round.” But that was not what actually happened, and it even became quite awkward at times. But as they say, all’s well that ends well. We hope to see him rocking the Nepal Idol stage in the upcoming rounds.

There were quite a lot of amazing singers who showed up at Kathmandu auditions. The episode would probably be officially released online in a couple of days, just in case you missed it.

Pictures: AP1 TV/Nepal Idol

Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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