Anoop Bikram Shahi Is Quite Unrecognizable In His New Film Role

This is Anoop Bikram Shahi, the winner of Manhunt International Nepal 2013.

Photo: Sanjog Rai/M&S VMAG

The model turned actor; who made his debut with Dravya and has worked in several moviesĀ  like Hasiya, How Funny, Bir Bikram and King to name a few; is currently one of the busiest actors in Nepali cinema.

Photo: Sanjog Rai/M&S VMAG

At 6’1″, he is a well built handsome hunk who can pull off any look gracefully.

Photo: Sanjog Rai/ M&S VMAG

This is how he looked like in some of his films.

In ‘Hasiya’

In ‘Bir Bikram’

In ‘King’

In ‘How Funny’

Now, brace yourselves. This is how he is going to look like in his coming film ‘Kamaley Ko Bihey’.

Photo: CineKhabar

Yep, that’s him. That’s totally him.

Photo: CineKhabar

Come on, believe us already.

Definitely not lying.

‘Kamaley Ko Bihey’ that is produced by Sarita Lama and executive produced by Dipak Bista ‘Gauli’ is directed by Prasanna Poudyal. The film also stars Sandhya KC, Binod Neupane, Ishan Dhakal, Deepak Pahari, Reshu Tamang and Kiran Lacoul. A song from the film has recently been released. Watch it here.


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