Yubraj & Brisk Timos Just Dropped The Best Yama Buddha Tribute Song

As soon as rapper Yama Buddha left the world on January 14, 2017; dozens of ‘tribute’ songs were released on his name. But none of them impressed us at all, because we knew that some people were just trying to cash in on his name as all you had to do to get ten thousands of views on any videos on YouTube was to just add ‘Yama Buddha’ in the title. If you lose someone you love and respect, you don’t rush and make a song and make its music video within just a couple of days of the tragedy because you can’t just get over the fact that they are gone in such short period.

And finally, we’re happy to feature a ‘genuine’ Yama Buddha tribute song after over three months of his demise. This one is by Yubraj and Brisk Timos. Titled ‘Sustaudai’, this one is so honest that you can actually feel what Yama Buddha meant to these two artists. The song that has been mixed and mastered by Yubraj himself has the beat sampled from Tash Sultana’s Notion, produced by Young Taylor.

There could not have been a better tribute song than this. Listen to it here and let us know what do you think of it.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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