Watch This 4-Minute Film For Some Dope Camera Work

‘Chase’ is a Nepali short film made in Australia. Nothing much happens in this four-minute film — there are only two characters who are seen running throughout the film, chasing each other for some reason. What’s good about this film is its cinematography. All the shots look very good and the aerial scenes have added to the beauty. Conceptualized, shot, directed and edited by Ujjwal Rai ‘Sirujal Ever’; the two characters are played by Rabin Ranjit and Anish Sharma .

Rai is a Sydney based accountant who has recently got into film-making as well. It’s the first short film of the self-taught filmmaker who has earlier directed a music video for Samagra Band. “Until six months ago, I didn’t know how to even use a camera and what software to use for video editing; but as I got interested in film-making, I started to learn from YouTube videos and other materials online”, he shared.

Well, it’s a good one. It doesn’t have much content but you’ve to watch it because the camera work is really good.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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