This Is Gonna Be A Good Year For Nepsydaz Fans!

It was a hot September day in 2007 in Pokhara when me along with my two friends were waiting for Prashant Tamang to reach the venue in a crowd of thousands at the Exhibition Ground. The Indian Idol Season 3 winner was coming with two other finalists and Nima Rumba to perform at the event that was supposed to start at 2 PM. But it already was 3 and there was no sign of any of the artists and people were getting pissed. I remember some random songs were being played on the speakers while the crowd eagerly waited for the former Kolkata cop of Nepali origin to get on stage. Suddenly, a song played through the speakers and as soon as it started, there was a different kind of energy that could be felt in the venue as most of the people started singing and dancing to the song and even screamed… “AAYO NEPSYDAZ!!”

The song was ‘Maya O Maya’, and that was the kind of craze Nepsydaz had back then. The Hip Hop group that was initially formed by Kiran Shrestha aka Mistah K, Gyanon Chitrakar aka Zero Level, Manas Ghale aka Loorey, and Schizo as Nepsythugs in 2000 was later changed to Nepsydaz. The group released their first album titled KTM Reality in 2003 which couldn’t find them much success; and it was only after the release of ‘Chhudaina’ music video from their second album ‘Made In Nepal’ in 2005; Nepsydaz that had now Mistah K, Gyanon and Manas after Schizo’s exit; started to get the recognition and love they deserved. The album also had ‘Maya O Maya’ that won the Best Song By A Group award at the 8th Annual Image Awards. A couple of years later, the group dropped their third album called ‘Aayo Nepsydaz’ that had hits like ‘Shake Your Body’ and ‘Timi Mero Mannma’.

It has been almost a decade since the group hasn’t done any music together, apart from some gigs; and of course, the fans are eagerly waiting for their comeback. And looks like, 2017 is going to be the year when the fans will finally see them all together not only performing at various venues in and outside Nepal; but also coming up with some new music.

Starting off, Nepsydaz will be doing a reunion gig in Sydney on the occasion of Nepali New Year, on April 13th. The group will be joined by Fuba Tamang and Brijesh Shrestha on the stage of the event organized by Kamero Events. The group also has plans to come up with a studio album this year.

It’s really happening, you guys. Nepsydaz is officially making a comeback! This is definitely going to be a great year.

Here’s the promo video for their Sydney gig.

Who’s excited?? We definitely are! AAYO NEPSYDAZ!!!

Cover Photo: Kamero Events

Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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