Pokhara Girl Does A Beautiful Acoustic Cover Of Sunil Bardewa’s ‘Goreto Ani’

It was shocking, and extremely hard to believe when we came to know about singer Sunil Bardewa’s demise in September last year. But like they say, an artist never dies and always lives in his art — pop star Bardewa too is still among us in the form of his melodious music.

Yangzie Tamang, an aspiring singer from Pokhara, has just released her rendition of Bardewa’s ‘Goreto Ani Ustai Chha Galli’ as her tribute to him. It’s just her with her guitar, and she has done an amazing job with the cover. Such a natural and beautiful voice she has.

Listen to her perform ‘Goreto Ani’ and let us know what do you think of her.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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