Is It Only Me Who Can Neverrrrrrrrrr Get Enough Of Albatross’ ‘Nischal’?

With the rise of the internet, we’ve started taking music for granted. It has become so easy to get any song for free that we’ve somehow started to undervalue the importance of music. That may sound rude but that’s the truth, and you know that.

Honestly, the number of songs that I listen to in a regular basis is decreasing even though there are hundreds of songs that I love. It might be because that life is becoming busier lately, or whatever the reason is, there are very limited songs that I now listen to regularly and one among them is ‘Nischal’.

It’s been years that I’ve been listening to this Albatross song but I just can’t ever get enough of this number. The 2012 song turned five this year in February. It was a Maha Shivaratri concert in Pokhara in 2012 when I had first listened to this song. Albatross along with The Edge and Monkey Temple were playing at Exhibition Ground when I heard them perform this song; and I still remember that I was blown away. I had instantly loved this song. And as they say, rest is history. It has become one of the most favorite songs of mine.

The vocals, guitars, drums, composition, mixing – everything about this song is just amazing. I normally go through all the cover versions of a song if I like the original but I can’t stand Nischal’s covers because I know they will ruin it, Ankit Shrestha’s rendition is good though.

I’ve not attended any of their gigs after that one in 2012 but I would love to. Soon, Albatross, soon. Lots of love from a huge fan!

Here it is! And yeah, comment below and let me know if you love this song as much as I do.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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