The Goal Is To Be As Cheerful As Jhakkad Thapa, That’s All That Matters!

The second episode of Nepal Idol, that consisted of the Nepalgunj episodes, was becoming a little melodramatic after the audience were introduced to Sabitri Adhikari. The story of the girl from Khajura who has gone through quite a lot made everyone emotional.

This is her.

And then came our hero, remember the name – JHAKKAD THAPA

Right from the start, he knew what he was there for. He entered singing….

And kept singing, even when the judges wanted to talk to him.

And showed some slick dance moves as well.

He didn’t only dance but also made the judges dance to his tune.

And made them laugh, quite a lot.

And after some solid five minutes of pure entertainment, he made his exit, while singing of course.

Nope. He didn’t stop yet, and kept singing outside as well; this time with the host Sushil.

He didn’t make it through but became our favorite contestant from Nepalgunj.

Not a great singer, but such a happy soul. Never change, Jhakkad, never change. Keep making everyone smile.

You can watch the full episode HERE.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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