“Kasto Keti Jasto…”

“It’s an insult.”

If we ask people what they think is the meaning of the phrase, “Keti jasto” (like a girl); many of them will answer that it’s an insult. Yes, to do something “like a girl” is considered horrible in our society. More particularly when it’s about the physical strength, women are often considered to be weaker than their male counterparts.

But no, we absolutely DON’T think that women are weaker than anyone in any way, be it mentally or physically. Here we have some strong ladies who will change the way you think of women’s physical strength.

1. Run like a girl

Photo: Llyod Belcher

Mira Rai is one of the most successful athletes Nepal has ever produced. Apart from various events in Nepal, the ultra runner from Bhojpur has won a number of competitions in Hong Kong, Spain and Italy among others. She is also the winner of the prestigious National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2017 award.

2. Climb like a girl

Photo: Vimeo

The 2016 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita, has climbed Mt. Everest, Yala Peak, Nangpai Gusung, Ama Dablma, Putta Hiunchuli and K2 to name some peaks. She also is the first Nepali female mountaineering instructor.

3. Swim like a girl

Photo: Telegraph

Gaurika Singh isn’t someone who needs any introduction. At 13 years and 255 days, she was the youngest athlete to compete at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Even though she couldn’t qualify for the semifinals, she had won heat 1 of the 100m Backstroke in a time of 1:08:45. The 14-year-old who holds many national records had won four medals for Nepal at South Asian Games in Guwahati, India in 2016.

4. Lift like a girl

Nanita Maharjan Bajracharya had become the first Nepali woman to win a medal at 8th WBPF World Bodybuidling and Physique Sports Championships held in Pattaya, Thailand in December 2016. She had won a bronze medal in the athlete physique (165 cm) category. The mother of a 7-year-old son has won a number of domestic competitions in Nepal, including Mrs. Kathmandu Bodybuilding and Women’s Fitness Championship.

5. Cycle like a girl

Laxmi Magar is a mountain biker who has so far won dozens of championships — Malani-Khardungla Cycling Championship 2015, Himalayan Outdoor Festival XC 2015, Himalayan Outdoor Festival Uphill 2015, Dharan XC Woman Championship, Nepal National MTB Cross-Country Championship 2014 and Himalayan Rush 2013; to name a few. She has also represented Nepal at various international competitions in India and Sri Lanka. She has been awarded with Best Lady Rider Award 2013 in Dharan and Celebrating Womanhood Bhawani Award 2015.

6. Make history like a girl

Photo: sushmitamaskey.com

In December 2014, Sushmita Maskey became the first ever Nepalese woman to conquer all the highest peaks of the seven continents, popularly referred as the ‘Seven Summits’. She had led the most successful and historical expedition of 10 Nepali women to Mt. Everest in 2008. She has been honored with quite a number of awards so far; including MDG 3 Champion Torch and the Nawadevi Award. In year 2011, the Ministry of Tourism in Nepal had recognized her as Goodwill Ambassador of Nepal Tourism.

7. Kick like a girl

Karateka Bimala Tamang was the only athlete to win a medal for Nepal at the Asian Games 2014 in Incheon, S. Korea. She had won a bronze medal for the Women’s Individual Kata. She had made the nation proud at Al-Ahli International Karate Open in 2012 in Dubai as well; where she had won quite a number of medals for Nepal.

8. Fight like a girl

Phupu Lhamu Khatri won Nepal’s second gold medal in female judo in the 2016 South Asian Games; which was Nepal’s first gold medal in judo since 1995. She then won another gold medal in the Open Junior Judo Championship¬† in Budapest, Hungary.

These are just very few of the brave, bold, strong, hard-working and determined Nepali ladies who have been slaying it at whatever they do. There are thousands of others from numerous fields who are equally talented and are not only taking themselves forward but the nation as well.

We salute you, ladies!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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