‘Ghampani’ Trailer: Dayahang-Keki Starrer Promises An Interesting Inter-Caste Love Story

No matter how modern we think we are, our society still considers some of the most basic things in life as taboo; like a love relationship before marriage, and it is considered even worse if the two are from different castes. And that’s what Dayahang Rai and Keki Adhikari starrer ‘Ghampani’ is about. Dayahang plays a Tamang boy, whereas Keki is a Brahmin girl; who fall in love with each other and obviously, have to face a number of difficulties. And to make it even more difficult; there’s a cop between them, making it a love-triangle.

‘Kabaddi’ director Ram Babu Gurung is the executive producer of the film that also stars Ankeet Khadka, Silsa Jirel, Prakash Ghimire, Pushkar Gurung and Buddhi Tamang. The film made under the banners of Cinema Art Production, Torch Light Productions and Aslesha Entertainment is written and directed by Dipendra Lama.

The film that is slated for release on the first day of Nepali new year 2074 (April 14th) will be clashing with Nikhil Uprety – Priyanka Karki starrer ‘Radhe’ and Suraj Pandey – Swastima Khadka starrer ‘Love Love Love’.

Watch the trailer here and let us know what do you think of it.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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