Watch The Next Dance Crew Killin’ It In Brijesh Shrestha’s Latest Music Video

There are quite a number of Nepali dance crews who are absolutely amazing and have been doing great lately. And if we had to choose the most stylish crew among all of them, it has to be The Next dance crew. Based in Sydney, the crew members introduced themselves to us with a beautiful dance cover of ‘Jaalma’. They later on impressed us even more with their dance videos of ‘Mai Naache’, ‘Pani Paryo’ and ‘Mitho’.

The crew is now back with their latest work and it’s the official music video of Brijesh Shrestha’s ‘Yo K Vayo’ song. We have to say this, this crew has been getting better and better with each of their videos, and they have killed it this time as well. The video directed by Abhiyan and Pradeep Lama has Amit Bajracharya, Tsering Angmo, Malika Karki and Saajiya Miya dancing along with Pradeep himself. The music video also stars Junita Lama who had won the titled of ‘Pageant of the Year 2016’ in Sydney last year.

The song written by Prakash Basfor is performed, composed and arranged by Brijesh Shrestha at Ness Production. It’s a beautiful number with a spectacular music video. Watch it here and let us know what do you think of it.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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