Here’s A Quick Recap Of ‘Loot’ Before You Watch The Sequel This Weekend

A couple of days more and the most anticipated Nepali film of the year hits the screens. Yeah, of course, you know which film we are talking about. So, before you watch the sequel over this weekend, how about going through a quick recap of ‘Loot’. You must have watched it quite some times but still, how about we walk you over the film all over again? Sounds just right, eh?

Here you go!

The film opens with some cops watching a CCTV footage of a bank robbery.

The story then goes back to five months before the present day when the robbery took place and Haku Kale enters.

Kale has this ‘master plan’ to rob a bank for which he is looking for men for whom money is everything.

The scene then cuts to four months before robbery and shows us five people planning for the robbery in a terrace.

The story goes to flashback again and shows how Haku roped in the four guys for the job.

The first one he approaches is Deven Khatri, a small time drugs and arms supplier who dreams to do a big job instead and make more money.

The next one is Naresh Pradhan, a club bouncer and a gambler, whom Haku saves from the gangsters from whom he had borrowed money that he lost playing cards.

After Khatri and Nare are roped in for the job; the next scene takes place in Haku’s eatery where the two have come to discuss the plan with Haku. Jagat Pandey and Gopal Gurung who would eventually join the gang later in the film, too are there to have some drinks.

Pandey and Gopal (Gofle), who are unemployed and live together, gets into a brawl with the other three after Gofle picks up Nare’s wallet and tries to leave.

The next day, Gofle and Pandey come across Haku who has just bought some meat for his shop. And obviously, then they fight again, this time in a slaughter house.

By the end of the fight, Haku offers them to join him to rob the bank. That’s when he delivers one of the most popular dialogues of the film, “Bal hoina paasa, dimag laga, dimag.”

While Gofle is already dreaming of robbing the bank and becoming rich; Pandey doesn’t like the idea as it’s risky.

But later, Pandey too agrees to do the job as he is desperately in need of money, otherwise his girlfriend Ayesha’s father will have her married to someone else.

Now, the film is back to present day when the five are planning for the robbery. Oh, we didn’t mention it yet, Haku has promised that each of them would have a share of at least Rs. 2.5 million.

Meanwhile, Nare has a different plan of his own. He convinces Khatri to join him and divide the money between just two of them.

2 days before the robbery, they go to a bar where Sushma Karki is dancing to Indira Joshi’s ‘Udhreko Choli’. This part isn’t much relevant to the story but how could we not mention about one of the most popular Nepali item numbers ever. So, yeah!

There’s only one day left for the job to be done, and they meet again to go through the plan all over again.

Then comes the big day! they all meet again in the morning and Haku reminds everyone to be at the bank on time, that is at 12:30 PM, where he would meet them.

It’s now 12:27 PM now and there’s already a robbery going inside the bank – Valley Development Bank.

The four of them who had been waiting outside the bank for Kale, find out that the bank has already been robbed. They leave the place.

The police starts looking for the robbers.

Ayesha then finds out that his boyfriend Jagat Pandey along with Khatri, Nare and Gofle have been arrested for robbing a bank.

Then again, it’s the flashback to what happened at the bank.

Haku in disguise is seen leaving the bank after the robbery, who then calls the cops and informs them about the ‘robbers’, framing the four men he had found and had been training for five months.

It is then revealed that four other men had actually robbed the bank, whom Haku had actually trained for the job, while he used Gofle, Nare, Pande and Khatri just to frame them for the crime they didn’t even commit.

The film ends with the scene in a restaurant where Haku seems to be having a good time with his wife Putali and child, living a completely different life.

Well, that’s it. We hope you enjoyed the recap. We’ll leave with this trailer of Loot 2.

Pictures: Screenshots from YouTube/HiTech

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