Do You Know All The 14 Sister Cities Of Kathmandu Around The World?

Sister Cities, or also referred as Twin Towns, are two cities that network together and help each other out; to promote tourism and cultural understanding. Basically, Sisiter Cities International is a concept that connect international cities in many interesting ways.

Generally, through friendly negotiations between policy leaders, two different cities are officially announced to be sister cities at a signing ceremony. They agree to share and contribute diverse ideas and activities between each other.

Kathmandu has fourteen sister cities around the world. Here they are in alphabetical order.

1. Edinburgh, Scotland

Photo: Edinburgh Chamber

2. Eugene, United States

Photo: Jamie Hooper

3. Isfahan, Iran

Photo: Iran Travels

4. Istanbul, Turkey

Photo: Get Your Guide

5. Johannesburg, South Africa

Photo: SA Airways

6. Kyoto, Japan

Photo: paradiseintheworld

7. Matsumoto, Japan

Photo: Lonely Planet

8. Miami, United States

Photo: VanityFair

9. Minsk, Belarus

Photo: YouTube

10. Mumbai, India


11. Nicosia, Cyprus

Photo: CyprusBookings

12. Pau, France

Photo: AboutFrenchProperty

13. Quebec City, Canada

Photo: NYTimes

14. Xi’an, China

So, how many of these did you know about?

Cover Pictures: Miami by Carolin Soldo; Quebec City by PlanetWare

Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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