Sisan Baniya Turns Rapper & Raps About Things He Should ‘Not’ Be Talking About

Vlogger Sisan Baniya who has so far been entertaining us with his funny videos, making us aware of certain things from his informative videos and short films, and giving us some serious travel goals with his travel videos; has now turned rapper and he is rapping about things he should ‘not’ be talking about. He is talking about sex, masturbation, porn, periods and even pre-marital sex and that too in Nepal. Ram, Ram, Ram, Ram!! Like seriously how will he attain Moksha if he talks about such sinful stuff. He even says that pre-marital sex is okay if two adults with both of their consents have it and the cops should not be interfering in their personal lives because you know… adults and consent. Man, then what should the cops be doing? Catching poor criminals?? Seriously? And he is even promoting porn. Dude, who in Nepal does watch such things? We don’t even know what that is. How disgusting!

Here’s his extremely disgusting song. Do not forget to pour a jug full of Ganga Jal on yourself if you happen to watch this. We strongly advice you not to watch such rubbish videos though because.. Parampara, sanskriti and sansakaar! That’s not even all yet, the song is titled ‘Chhattis Nation’. Chhi!!




Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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