This Nepali EDM Song Has Quite An Inspiring Music Video: Watch

Electronic Dance Music, or simply EDM, is a genre of music generally produced by disc jockeys (DJs) for nightclubs and music festivals. The genre has been around since decades but the term EDM made it way in early 2010s and since then the genre has picked up some good acceleration. And off course, a genre internationally so popular can never be away from Nepal for a long and there are quite a number of DJs and producers who create such tracks. But most of them remain underground and hardly any music videos for Nepali EDM songs are made. But there are always people who try to experiment and take something to next level and it’s good to have them.

We have a new Nepali EDM song today. It’s a proper song with vocals and pretty good lyrics, unlike most of the EDM tracks which have just music. The song titled ‘One Love’ is sung by Rajiv Lama and the music is produced by Chronic Beatz. And it has quite an inspiring music video as well. The video filmed in Thamel, Durbar Sqaure, Patan and Chobhar features Battle Fusion Dance Crew and shows what determination and hard work can do.

We liked it. Watch it here and let us know what you think of it.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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