8 Things About Love We Learned From Subin Bhattarai’s Novels

Author Subin Bhattarai’s first book was an anthology of short stories called ‘Kathaki Patra’ that was published in 2011. But it was only in 2013 after the release of his first novel ‘Summer Love’, he started to get recognized. The novel with over 40,000 copies sold, was the year’s best seller in Nepal. A year later, in 2014, the sequel to ‘Summer Love’ titled ‘Saaya’ was published and it became equally popular. ‘Monsoon’, a novel released in 2016, is his latest piece of writing.

Bhattarai can be called a trendsetter in Nepali literature as his style of writing differs from those of his contemporaries. Although he sometimes even gets criticized for his style of writing; but we believe that it’s not necessary that every single one has to follow the same trend and write in the same pattern. The best thing about his novels is people can easily relate with the characters. They fall in love, they make mistake, they go through ups and downs and they make us realize that life is not always beautiful and fair. Somewhere in Atit, Saya, Sushmeeta, Subhan and Monsoon; we can see ourselves or people whom we know.

All three of Bhattarai’s novels so far revolve around love, relationship, sex and breakups. And we’ve actually learned some things about love from his novels. Here they are:

1. Love takes you places, quite literally!

Either if it’s Atit going all the way from Nepal to Norway or Subhan going to Dharan from Kathmandu; we’ve learned that if you’re in love with someone, the physical distance between you two is never a problem.

2. Love hurts, it hurts real bad!

We’ve not only read but felt the pain of Atit when Saya goes away from his life; and even Subhan’s pain when he can’t be with Monsoon. Which means, that love can be very painful sometimes.

3. Physical relationship doesn’t necessarily brings someone closer

Many people may have this idea that having a physical relationship with someone would bring them closer to each other but it’s not necessary that it applies with everyone; take the examples of Atit and Sushmeeta or Subhan and Monsoon. Sex may mean just sex, and not love.

4. It’s always worth a shot

No matter how bad a relationship might look like but the chances are, it’s worth a shot most of the time. Make some efforts to be with the one you love with all your heart, and your dream of being together might actually come true.

5. Always talk to each other

Not everyone you know can be trustworthy. You should always be very careful of people when the stakes are high, more especially if it’s about your relationship. Always talk to each other and make things clear instead of just listening to other people and getting into misunderstandings with your partner. Make sure there’s no Sushmeeta who is trying to get your Atit, if you’re Saya.

6. First love will always have a place in your heart

If your love was true for them, your first love will always take a small corner in your heart and will remain there no matter even if you’re no more together. It’s almost impossible to forget about your first love completely and there will be some moments, some talks or some people who will remind you of them in some way. Which simply means, Subhan’s love might always be in danger.

7. Sometimes you fall in love with a wrong person

Don’t be shocked to find yourself in love with a person you have no chance with. Sometimes you may know that you’re making a mistake by getting close to someone who can never be yours for some reason but you just can’t help it. Well, that’s what happened with Sushmeeta.

8. Love makes you do things you never thought you could do

One reason why it’s hard to define love is it can be completely different experience for different people. Love can make you so weak that sometimes you give up on life. And sometimes, it makes you so strong that you can do things that you never thought were even possible.

Well, these were the thing we learned from Subin Bhattarai’s ‘Summer Love’, ‘Saya’ and ‘Monsoon’ novels. Let us know if you have learned anything else apart from these. Comment below.

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