This ‘Nepal Reacts’ Episode Of Kids Watching Dinosaurs In Virtual Reality Is Too Adorable To Miss

One of the best things to happen in 2016 is that Virtual Reality (VR) finally became a reality after years of teases and tantalizing promises. Otherwise, how would we have this adorable new episode of Nepal Reacts? The latest episode of the show is a kids special episode in which they are trying virtual reality for the first time and their reactions are pure gold.

We’ve been seeing a lot of videos that capture the reactions of people trying VR for the first time ever since these gears came out but we had hardly seen any of such videos from Nepal. Well, here comes, may be the first (or may be not), reaction video of Nepali kids watching dinosaurs and stuff in virtual reality for the very first time. Watch.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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