A Quick Recap: Our 20 Most Viral Posts Of 2016

Hey guys! Hope you’ve got some great plans for the last day of 2016 and just in case if you’re reading this article on December 31st, well cheers you lazy and broke fellas. Just kidding, ahem, of course not! So the thing is, two thousand fucking sixteen was a good year, at least for us. We really hope you had a good year too, believe us, we do. We wrote over 450 posts that were read in 199 countries around the world. Not even kidding! Did you know that there are actually that many countries. Crazy, eh? Most of our readers came from Nepal, followed by United States, Australia, United Kingdom, India, European Union, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Norway, Hong Kong, S. Korea, Canada, Germany, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia respectively. Finland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Denmark, Thailand, Portugal, France, Belgium and Kuwait too were not far behind. We had readers from Cook Islands, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, Vanuatu, Guadeloupe, Faroe Islands, Liechtenstien and so many of such ‘hardly heard of’ countries as well. Like seriously, where these countries at?

So here we are, giving you a quick recap of the year with 20 of the most viral posts we had in 2016. Click on the image to read the particular article.


#20. When ‘Mr. 250’ was way kinder than all the trolls who were busy making fun of him the entire year.


#19. When Miss Nepal 2016 Asmi Shrestha represented us at the Miss World pageant.


#18. These ladies deserve a standing ovation!


#17. We envy these men, we really do!


#16. The April Fool’s prank post that we hadn’t expected would be read by thousands of people. Priyanka Karki is such a sweetheart for letting us do this.


#15. Don’t even want to talk about it. Grrr!


#14. Most of these actors did actually debut well this year. We hope to see them grow more in 2017.


#13. We seriously need to change some of our habits.


#12. When Yama Buddha’s first international collaboration music video was released this year.


#11. We’re happy that they ‘almost’ apologized and replaced the ad later. This one had also got featured on BuzzFeed.


#10. When Priyanka had enough of the trolls.


#9. So glad that Amrita Acharia’s another major television show will be aired this year.


#8. Heartthrobs!


#7. When the blogger needed to spit out all his frustrations!


#6. This happened and then after a couple of months, Bipul Chettri himself was dragged into similar controversy too. It was for a song titled ‘Kahama Katyo’ that he had performed at some events. Irony!


#5. When Shashank Shrestha owned these fellas!


#4. People need to give her a break now. Come on guys, don’t you have anything in the world to do other than writing bullshit comments on her posts even till now?? Grow up and have a life, people.


#3. They didn’t only represent Nepal but made us super duper proud as well!


#2. One of the saddest incidents that took place this year.


#1. And the most viral post of the entire year is…….

You guys, this is going to be our last post. We hope we were able to keep you updated about stuff we thought you should know about, may be we sometimes made you smile and the other times, we made you upset and even angry. No matter what way we made you feel, we hope you enjoyed our company. Farewell. Have a good life. Aww! Stop crying like a baby, we ain’t going anywhere. This is just the last post of 2016, or may be not, may be we will write another one or two.

Now, without further wasting your time online, go and get some booze. Partyyyyyyyyy! And yeah….


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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