Nepal Tops Lonely Planet’s List Of World’s Best Value Destination For 2017

Nepal’s tourism industry seems to be on the rise again after the 2015 earthquakes and aftershocks. The Himalayan nation had got featured in various lists including the best destinations to travel to in 2016 published by some of the most reputed travel magazines and online portals such as National Geographic Traveler, Rough Guides and Afar among various others. With two months to 2017, the country has already topped Lonely Planet’s list of World’s Best Value Destination to visit in the year 2017; along with the 5th spot on the ‘Top Ten Destinations”.

An official announcement video titled ‘The Best Valued Destination To Visit In 2017 – Lonely Planet’ released on Tuesday has the Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler recalling some of his fondest memories from Nepal. Captioned as “Nepal is bouncing back from earthquakes and a fuel strike made getting round the country tough. It remains a fabulous choice for budget-conscious travellers,  who can access the best of its world-famous trekking routes and underrated wildlife for well south of US$ 50 a day”, the 4-minute video features some of the beautiful landscapes from the country.

Listed in its ‘Best in Travel’ category, Lonely Planet states, “Even natural disasters can’t keep Nepal down for long. The 2015 earthquakes caused devastation, but what is most striking from a traveller’s perspective is not how much was lost but how much remains.”

Watch the video below.

Featured Image: Rough Guides


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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