Subisu Had A Hilarious Response To This Guy’s Complaint

I never have had a chance to use any of Subisu ‘s services yet, fortunately. Just kidding! I would love to. (Ahem!) Anyways, but from what I have heard of and read about its services, I will definitely be thinking for at least a billion times before using them. Wondering why would I say that? Take a look.

These are just a couple of tweets out of the millions.

Anil Katwal, a Facebook user, decided to teach Subisu a lesson and that’s why he messaged them:

“Oh Subisu. Ke Ho I am hearing too many complains of your users,” he wrote. “What kind of service do you provide?”

To this, Subisu had a hilarious reply. This is what they wrote back:

Dear sir, we provide internet, cable TV, clear TV, IP Transit, Email Hosting and other network related services.”

EPIC!! Somebody give Subisu the award for the best troll of the year.

Here’s the screenshot of the conversation.



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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