‘Chapali Height 2’ Trailer Review: Ayushman DS Joshi Is The Next Big Thing. Period.

2012 was a bright year for Nepali cinema. It’s not that the year witnessed a lot of successful films, but it surely started with a bang. When the film industry was going through its worst period, films like ‘Loot’ and ‘Chapali Height’ came with a new ray of hope. Both the films not only won the hearts of the audiences but did amazing at the box office as well. Interestingly, sequels of both the films are to hit the theaters soon and we simply can’t hide our excitement.

Binita Baral, Aamir Gautam and Raj Ghimire starrer ‘Chapali Height’ was the second most successful film of the year. And now as the trailer of its sequel has been released, we have no doubts that this one has already become one of the most anticipated films of this year already.
The film produced by Arjun Kumar and directed by Dpendra K Khanal will introduce three new actors – Ayushman Joshi, Paramita RL Rana and Muna Gauchan. The thriller that also stars ‘Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra’ actress Marishka Pokharel is all set to release on August 18 this year.

The trailer that starts with Ayushman driving a car goes on to show his ‘womanizer’ image. With some romantic scenes with Muna, Marishka and then Paramita; the trailer immediately takes an unexpected and exciting turn as we come across the ‘uncommon’ side of Ayushman. The cast that comprises of model turned actors have done a pretty good job and all of them look very convincing. But it’s Ayushman who completely takes away all the attention with his brilliant acting. We also can’t admire enough the chemistry between the real life couple Ayushman and Paramita. Both of them are sure to sizzle on the big screen.

The film is already on our ‘must-watch’ list as we are amazed by this promising trailer. Watch it here and let us know what you think of it.

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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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