Here’s Why Phiroj Shyangden’s Latest Song Had Me In Tears, Literally!

Phiroj Shyangden has been and will always be one of my all time favorite Nepali singers. When the founder member of the legendary band, 1974 AD, left the band, I had a heartbreak. But it’s such a relief for me and thousands of his fans that he still is active in music scene even though he is now based in United States. He has come up with a new solo album titled ‘Zindagi Asal Chha’, which was launched in an event in New York earlier this month. Along with the album, the official music video of its title song too was launched in the event and was later released on YouTube as well. Being a huge fan of him, I was excited to listen to the song but before I could open the video, I came across a Facebook post by Prasha Tuladhar.

So, who actually is Prasha Tuladhar?

I have over 2,000 friends on Facebook and many of them are aces in their relevant fields – true inspiration for anyone. But for me, Prasha has always been the most influential and inspirational of them all. The 28-year old Nepalese, based in New York, who has been suffering from a progressive disease called scleroderma; which attacked her immune system, and scar tissue filled her lungs, depriving her of oxygen. It kept on getting worse until earlier this year when after waiting for over a year, she finally found an organ donor and she was blessed with a healthier sets of lungs. She has since then been doing a lot better and is now able to walk around on her own. And the best thing is, she can now spend some quality time with her two-year-old daughter, Jolene, and her loving husband.

Even though she had been going through some of toughest times of her life for a couple of years, she never lost hope and never gave up. Her posts always used to be about positivity and the goodness in this world; and that’s what always inspired me. Despite the fact that we have never met, she gives me strength. I swear I was on cloud nine when she once told me that she is fond of my blog. That’s how much she means to me.

What is this song about by the way?

Coming back to Phiroj Shyangden’s song, it’s definitely one of the most positive and ‘feel-good’ songs I’ve ever listened to. It’s all about loving your life no matter what kind of times you are going through. It inspires you to smile. So, when I started listening to this song with Prasha’s words on my head, it started meaning so much more. It felt like I can literally feel every single word of the song. Believe me, I had never listened to any other song in this way before and that’s why I didn’t even realize when my eyes got teary.

What was exactly written in Prasha’s post?

Along with the song, she shared her experience of the moment when she was nearer to death than the life. She wrote:

“We all know death is inevitable. But we try to find every loop, how we could have prevented it.

On Jan 13,2016, my poor husband and younger sister had to take decision and give consent being my health care proxy to give approval of my emergency ECMO. Nurse who came to get the signature was very nervous, they had no hope if I would make it. It was 95/05 chances. Well, my husband signed the form and after seven hours I opened my eyes and saw his heart eyes. Outside the ICU my entire family resting up and ICU staff celebrating their victory with red velvet cupcakes brought for my birthday. I got best birthday gift ever, that is more time while waiting for lungs.

A bridge to transplant as the best birthday gift while timing was worst.

Today we were talking about Great Fighter Mohamad Ali, whom I looked up since as little girl and my father’s Idol as a boxer, how his demise could have been prevented using the same technique that was used on me. My dad grieving the most. He even told me, if that hospital had no Ecmo machine and was limited. Must be true, may be there was no Ecmo and he might have died of different cause then respiratory failure. Everything is May Be .

For all the things, I have experience, I worry not to worry a lot about things in life now. I am trying to move forward by taking one step at a time. Healing is a long journey, I still struggle with pain from my surgery and sleep the most.

Many times I have medical withdrawals and I am just lump of fresh and bones shaking and completely zero energy.

I have learned to appreciate life and all the people who have contributed their prayers, time and money for my better health.

I just want to dedicate this song of positivity to all my followers, friends and family. This song was dedicated to me during Himalayan Yak fundraising event, where all the musicians and residence of New York joined together for me and my family.

Thank you Phiroj Dai ! You are such a wonderful person with sun sized heart and best wishes! We are forever thankful.”

Her beautiful life!

That’s her! Beautiful, isn’t she?

prasha 2


Her picture perfect family. God bless you guys!

prasha 3


And that’s her adorable daughter, Jolene!


And the song!

And here’s Phiroj Shyangden’s ‘Zindagi Asal Chha’; written, composed and performed by himself. The music video that stars Jimmy Gurung, Pushpa Subedi, Prazwal Bajracharya and BZ is shot by RJ and Bishow, edited by Sunil Gurung and directed by Uges Limbu. Give it a watch and comment what you think of it.



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